VIP US Tour Tickets


USA fans! Are you coming to see us on our tour with For The Fallen Dreams and VRSTY?
Grab a VIP meet and greet ticket so we can share our experience with you.

Watch and Play Soundcheck with us*

You’ll get to watch us soundcheck in the venue alone with the other VIP’s. We also go the
extra step with our sound checking experience than any other band. Do you play an
instrument? Do you know how to play a MONUMENTS song? If so, make sure you practise
before the event and you’ll be invited to come jam with the other band members on stage for
that soundcheck. The best part is: you’ll get to play the music on the instruments that we will
use for the show and it will be filmed for your future records by our touring videographer.
*Playing on Stage is subject to availability and time allocations on a day by day, venue by
venue basis.

Meet and Greet

After we’ve finished the soundcheck, we’ll come hang out with you guys and chat and
answer your questions. You’ll get to chat music with us, gear, coffee, life, whatever you want!
One on One Photos with the band
Not only will we get a group picture with all VIPs and the band on stage, we’ll also give you a
digital photo each with the whole band from our touring photographer! 

Exclusive VIP shirt

Printed exclusively for this tour only, you’ll own a piece of history with this special VIP shirt
that only a select few of you will own.

Exclusive Signed Poster

Printed exclusively for this tour only, you’ll own a piece of Monuments History with this
Special VIP Poster – hand signed by all members of the band.

15% Discount of all other merch items.

You’ll get a private merch buying opportunity, with a 15% discount on all other tour items
including Signed CD’s, Signed Vinyls, T Shirts, Hoodies and more.
This is subject to Merch stock at the time of your VIP Meet and Greet.

Goodie Bag

On top of all of this, you’ll also get an exclusive VIP Laminate and Lanyard printed for this
tour only that will get you 15% discount on all merch items at any show of the tour, should
you wish to attend other shows.

VIP Entry Times

The band will contact all those who purchase to confirm VIP start times and additional details prior to the gig date.

*Please note that this VIP experience ticket does not get you access to the show, you will
need to purchase the show ticket for the venue of your choosing. Ticket links available at

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